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Construction tracking software

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Cost-Effective Profitability

We know that all contractors are only concerned with managing their manpower and equipment productivity, managing materials budget and getting the progress moving to claim for payment

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Get the important stuff done

That's the sole purpose of GoBuid

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There are over 7 Million small and medium enterprises in the construction industry doing residential, commercial, oil & gas, industrial, infrastructure and many others. This is the foundation on which mankind civilization has been built!

Painfully till today, we are still living in the age of reworks, miscommunication and poor coordination that is bleeding in wastes of nearly over $500 Billion dollars worldwide. The Construction industry is churning over $13 Trillion Dollars!

A behemoth in its own right and any savings is welcome. Thank you


We make things simple and affordable

Just look at what your friends are paying for other softwares and the costs are increasing for the many extra features that they don’t even need

We came from this and know that there is a lot of potential to make a difference. So this led us to design and build something different for the many small and medium enterprises

Something different for the industry so that to make the playing field even and everybody has the chance to leverage on the latest technology

Purpose built for managing your projects

We have designed GoBuid to manage the key ingredients of projects (manpower, equipment, progress and budget). It is made to be streamlined and efficient. The important stuff to monitor and collaborate on for multiple projects. All at your fingertips.

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Newsfeed of activities progress of all your projects

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Tasks assignment to your workforce with a centralized schedule

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GPS tracking with cookie crumbs to know your manpower & equipment

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A tree map to control materials budget at your project


These are all thought from the ground up and we assure you that there is no other software that is purpose built for the construction industry

We drive only the worthwhile solutions that we will use to manage our company resources just like you will do

Imagine all of your field operations are updated visually with a central control mission board to see it all. Peace of mind

Get the job done fast

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Thanks for reading,and giving GoBuid a try.If you have any questions, you can always contact me directly atjaz@gobuid.com I look forward to hearing from you.