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How does it work?


Stay Updated with Latest Activities

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    Keep your team in the loop by effortlessly updating activity progress and milestones
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    Enhance communication by uploading photos of activities to provide visual insights
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    View the latest activities updates in the dynamic Newsfeed section in Home
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See the Big Picture

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    Access the Track section in Home to explore the interactive map that provides a bird's-eye view of your construction site
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    Numbers of check-in equipment and clock-in manpower will display as a tooltip with project icon
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    Tap on the project icons to view the latest three activities update
  • ▪️

    Analyze the latest status of each area to make informed decisions about resource allocation and project planning
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Achieve Remarkable Results

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    Effortlessly manage your tasks and stay organized with the powerful To Do list feature
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    Break down complex projects into manageable subtasks and track progress with ease
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    Never miss a beat as you navigate through multiple projects and ensure every detail is taken care of
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Stay informed, track progress, and achieve remarkable results with GoBuid. Embrace the power of GoBuid and discover how it can revolutionize construction projects. The journey to seamless project management starts here!

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