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Set realistic goals and deadlines

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    Open your project in GoBuid
  • ▪️

    Tap the add button under "Activities"
  • ▪️

    Enter activity details for accurate tracking
  • ▪️

    Edit activity details anytime when needed
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Update Activity Progress and Be Flexible

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    Enter the qty done of the day for the activity you want to update
  • ▪️

    Easily attach files and photos with captions to give necessary information about the activity progress
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    Link to manpower and equipment, and GoBuid will calculate productivity and generate a bar chart
  • ▪️

    Use the Easy Update 10% feature in the quick action button to do bulk updates at one time
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Collaboration and Communication

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    Discuss project details, updates, and files with your team members using the Share button
  • ▪️

    Add text messages, files, and audio messages in the discussion field under each activity and task list
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Scheduling and Progress Tracking

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    Schedule sync with projects, activities, and tasks to stay organized and ensure that everyone knows who is responsible for what and when it needs to be completed
  • ▪️

    If a delay does occur, write a clear and concise message explaining the delay or issue. Mention the relevant team members and stakeholders who need to be notified
  • ▪️

    Monitor project progress in real-time and track the time spent on different activities with the Track feature
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