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Construction tracking software

Our story

We noticed that a lot of startups are not interested in the construction industry space but come on, it’s the biggest component that touches every single person on Earth.

The market for the construction software industry is a dinosaur and lots of existing legacy softwares is just bloated

Finding it difficult to convince your staff to key in the data in your labyrinth of modules?

Take too long to learn to use softwares?

These are the common problems faced by smaller and even bigger players.

Let's face it.

Manpower is expensive and labor shortages are real. So being an engineer led us to think:

Can we build a better product that is simple to use, does what it's important to manage projects?

And there you have it, GoBuid is born

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It’s really a cool construction tracking platform for tracking your ...

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And talking to so many construction business owners, that's what they basically care and want to manage to ensure their business is humming away smoothly.

Fun Fact

GoBuid, is pronounced as Go Build

Hey, we thought it's easier to remember by being shorter

People were only interested in actively completing their projects and nothing else. They have no time for anything else

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Their people were tired from coordinating the field work, managing the thousands of issues that pop up everyday.

Their time is precious and GoBuid is designed to be fast to learn. Assign tasks, monitor project activities status, know where your manpower and equipment are on a real time basis and most importantly, all in the palm of your hands (Your Smartphone!).

We hope that you can give us your valuable feedback and support.

Thanks for reading,and giving GoBuid a try.If you have any questions, you can always contact me directly atjaz@gobuid.com I look forward to hearing from you.